DeAngelo Hall is retiring . . . unless he isn’t.

The team tweeted Monday night that “DeAngelo Hall has not yet officially decided to retire despite reports.” It did not offer further explanation.

It simply could mean Hall has not officially submitted his retirement papers. Or maybe it means he’s reconsidering? But then, he’d have to find some team willing to give him a contract.

So it seems unlikely that Hall will attempt a “comeback.”

A report earlier Monday quoted Hall saying, “I’m done.” The defensive back added that he was weighing offers to join a front office or work in TV.

The Dallas Cowboys have to be encouraged that they fell just one victory short of the playoffs last year despite their best player suspended for 38 percent of the regular season.

The 2016 rushing champion is still only 22 years old, and it’s not as though his numbers took a nosedive. Elliott accumulated 857 yards from scrimmage in his final six games of the year, which was better than his pace from that monster rookie campaign.

The Saints have Sheldon Rankins, David Onyemata and Tyeler Davison back from last year and Bromley will likely be trying to earn a spot as a depth option behind them.

Frazier was in Tampa the entire time, and getting over the concussion was a mental grind, especially the setbacks, like when he practiced at night for the first time.

It was one of those injuries that the more frustrated I got, the more emotional I felt about it and the worse it could have made my symptoms because it was what was inside my head, Frazier said. “I was trying to make sure that everything I did was in a positive manner, even the music that I listened to and the movies that I watched and (TV) shows to try to get laughter because I was sitting in my apartment all day long.

I watched a lot of Friends. I watched a little bit of The Office, things to try to make me laugh. Mainly music was the thing. Any time there was a dull moment, I had music playing. The idiom was The Chainsmokers’ sound, something uplifting … mood boosters to try to maybe trick myself to think it’s going to be all right.

Finally, it’s all right again.cardinals_037

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