The Patriot Way has made its way to Michigan

If the arrival of the Do Your Job mantra wasn’t enough, the transformation of Lions players into say-nothing robots proves what many suspected would happen — new coach Matt Patricia has brought the Patriot Way to Detroit.

As explained by Robert Klemko of, Lions cornerback Darius Slay flatly refused to talk about his team.

He already done warned us man! Slay said. They’re strict.

Whoever emerges from the ongoing quarterback battle between redshirt freshman Tristan Gebbia and true freshman Adrian Martinez will need a reliable target to connect with while settling into new head coach Scott Frost’s up-tempo offense. Morgan, a 6’1, 195-pound senior from New Orleans, fits the bill. Last season he set a program single-season record with 986 receiving yards and led all Big Ten wide receivers with 10 touchdown receptions. It would be a disappointment if he fails to eclipse either of those marks in his final college season.

Specifically, she asked if there was a play he wished he had over, other than the Minnesota Miracle, Stefon Diggs’ game-winning touchdown pass.

For someone who is really studying that game, there was a third-and-1 before we kicked that field goal [to go up 24-23], he replied, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. We weren’t able to convert that third-and-1. We kicked a field goal with 20-some seconds left in the game. Had we been able to just get the one yard, we would have easily been able to run the clock down to 3 seconds and hopefully kick the field goal and not give the Vikings another possession.

So I would say that would be a play I beat myself up over, or we think about a lot and that mattered in that game a lot.

He also joked that he appreciated his daughter bringing that back up. And since it’s Monday morning and we’re in a good mood, we won’t even rail on the nepotism angle at the league’s own network, because it’s not like he hired her as an assistant coach on his staff or anything.

So Randy came to the sideline after that, and we always joked about how fast he was. And I asked him, So was that fifth gear? And he just looks at me without saying anything and flashes three fingers. Third gear. I’m like, dang.

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